Certificate of Need Projects

The First Chesapeake Group, Inc. (FCG) has extensive experience in preparing certificate of public need (COPN) applications and performing program utilization analysis and market research for medical facilities projects.  Our clients include hospital systems, individual hospitals, and other providers such as nursing homes and ambulatory surgery centers.  Members of the firm’s senior staff have qualified as expert witnesses for COPN fact-finding hearings and have testified in numerous cases.  FCG has a high success rate in obtaining COPN approvals for our clients’ projects and denials or delays of their competitors’ projects.

FCG has assisted various hospitals with the following projects:

  • Establishment of an Open Heart Surgery Program
  • Establishment of a New Psychiatric Unit
  • Establishment of Inpatient Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Treatment Units
  • Establishment of an Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Establishment of an Outpatient Radiation Therapy Center
  • Procurement of a Linear Accelerator
  • Expansion of Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Conversion of Medical/Surgical Beds into a Rehabilitation Unit
  • Conversion of Medical/Surgical Beds to Skilled Nursing Beds
  • Replacement of two Hospitals into one General Hospital
  • Replacement of an Existing Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory with a Mobile Unit
  • Replacement of an Existing MRI Unit
  • Replacement of a Lithotripter Unit
  • Replacement of Existing CT Equipment
  • Transfer of an Endoscopy Room from the Hospital to its Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Transfer of an Inpatient Adult Psychiatric Unit

FCG has assisted various hospitals with opposition to the following competitor projects:

  • Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Relocate Skilled Nursing Beds
  • Additional Operating Rooms
  • CT services
  • Radiation Therapy Centers
  • MRI Service
  • Replacement of Existing SPECT Equipment
  • Radiology Center
  • Rehabilitation Unit Expansion