Litigation Support Services

The First Chesapeake Group, Inc. (FCG), has provided consulting services to Medicaid agencies, insurers and healthcare systems to assist them in various types of litigation including cost and reimbursement issues, antitrust suits, contract disputes and tax exemption challenges. Dr. Richard F. Tompkins, FCG’s president, has qualified and testified as an expert witness at the federal and state court levels and in hearings before various government agencies.

To assist legal counsel in investigating and litigating complex healthcare issues, FCG has provided the following litigation support services for most of the cases in which we have been involved:

  • Analysis of reimbursement systems including comparisons of healthcare costs to payments that take into consideration many different variables such as bed size, location and case mix
  • Analysis of economic arguments regarding the concepts of efficiency, resource allocation, equitable pricing and distribution of goods, industry organization, and market structure
  • Analysis of provider costs or clinical and epidemiological costs using information obtained from hospital cost accounting and clinical information systems
  • Analysis of geographic and product market shares to evaluate contractual, reimbursement and pricing issues
  • Quantitative and comparative analyses of hospital efficiency using local, state and national data
  • Quantitative and qualitative operational reviews of individual hospitals
  • Analysis of hospital financial health and performance
  • Preparation of comprehensive reference documents on hospital operations and financial management researched from the published professional literature to familiarize legal counsel with the nuances of the hospital industry
  • Assistance to legal counsel in developing effective litigation strategies and modifying them as new issues and evidence arise
  • Review of all materials provided by the opposing side, including any reports and supporting analytical findings prepared by the opposition’s experts
  • Assistance to legal counsel in preparing document requests, interrogatories and deposition question
  • Attendance at depositions and evaluation of witness responses
  • Presentation of analytical findings and conclusions in expert reports, affidavits, exhibits and testimony
  • Evaluation of settlement proposals